Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whoooo Made an Owl Hat?

Owls are very much the fashion right now, and I think they are too cute. I saw this hat in a search for an owl applique design, and I knew I could make an adorable owl hat of my own design. I definitely borrowed from her colors, but otherwise, this pattern is entirely my own. Here is a brief explanation of how I made it.

Using Lion Brand "Jiffy" yarn and a US 8/5.00MM hook, I made two cones. Two rows 9 hdc, two rows, 18 hdc (inc by 2 in each hdc), two rows 27 hdc (2 - 1 hdc in each hdc), two rows 36 hdc (2- 1 - 1 hdc in each hdc), two rows 45 hdc (2 - 1 - 1 - 1 hdc in each hdc). Join two cones, continue in rounds around for head 63 hdc until desired length is met. Then I made some ear flaps and some owl eyes using rounds of trc.

Here is my initial design in my notebook. Very technical, I know. I think it came out just right -- and on my first try! Even though I am not smiling as much as the happy camper in the drawing! Although I did not upload a picture of it, the top view actually does look remarkably like that lame drawing (the 2nd picture is the bird's eye view of the hat).Iron Martin says this hat is the "money maker" for our (as yet non-existant) shop. He is trying to come up with names. So far: Owl My Chin, Owl the Hell Are You, the Whoo Whoo Hat. I refuse. I call it the Mr. Owl Hat. Sorry your owl names were terrible, Marty.


QTEmilyNicole said...

OMG I love it love it love it!!! So cute!!!!! I want one of these!! hehee I love your work.

Rachel said...

I want one! If I can think of a snazzy name do I get one??

I love the floves too.

PS. Miss you!

Arwen, Wildlife Warrior said...

I love Owl The Hell Are You. Hilarious. You should totally make me one of those. Or, come here and teach me how to make one myself. :)