Monday, February 23, 2009

Green Berets

Hi! I just finished an adorable new beret. I saw an ad in Nylon magazine for a Brixton beret, and I knew I could make one like it. All I had was torn-out ad to go by, so I think it came out pretty good! Here is the ad:
Yes I know I am a copycap...HA, get it?! But why pay $30 for the hat (here), when I could make one myself for $5 in my favorite, favorite color of all time? I love making something that looks just like what you find in stores and not necesarily like a homemade handicraft.

Later when I found the hat for sale online, I could see close up that my stitches were quite off; but I still think it looks pretty close! The cap part is rounds of dc-tc-dc cluster, ch 5, dc-tc cluster, ch 1. The rim is 3 rows of hdc in blo, and the final edge is a row of slst-dc-tc-dc repeats.

Here is my hat next to the Brixton Flapper Hat:

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