Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Put on Your Pinking Cap

"...or you might get stuck with a crappy hat." --NatalieDee.

Today marks a monumental occasion. I have a blog follower that wasn't forced to follow me like Marty was. Yay! Thanks for being a trendsetter, Sheetal! Now that you are following TeaBeans, maybe everybody will see how cool it is!

I also got my new crochet book in the mail. Psyched! But I was a little disappointed at how barren the cardigan supplement was. Boo!

Today I wanted to post a funny NatalieDee, but also I wanted to post something crafty. I put on my Pinking Cap, and came up with the brilliant idea to do both! Here is an old beret I made for K.Jo last year from the pattern I used for the Candy Gossamer:

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