Monday, February 20, 2012


Oh hi there.

So, my computer took a 4 ft fall that destroyed it's hard drive.  Thanksfully Apple replaced the hard drive for free with my warranty, but I lost...
- Pics (let's be honest, this was probably the best and only way to keep Marty from accidentally seeing me in my wedding dress)
- Songs (current hits like Weird Al's Another One Rides the Bus)
- Microsoft Office (!!!! boo)

We still don't have a new apartment.  Since we are splurging on rent, we are being super picky; but it's stressful and exhausting.  When we get our new place, I am doing the following:
- Making a beer sampler and ordering a giant pizza and watching my favorite Pearl Jam DVDs.
- Crocheting some hats.
- Getting a DVR and DVRing like a mazillion shows and having my giant cozy blanket shipped from Pittsburgh to me.

But on the bright side, this happened last Friday!!!


Tara said...

Loosing the information on your hard drive is a horrible feeling! It happened to me last year, so I can sympathise. It's great you were still covered by warranty :)

Katiebeans said...

Thanks! Ps I love your blog so far! Looking forward to seeing your projects!

Lauren C. said...

I suggest investing in an external hard drive to back up pics, videos, etc. It is as easy as saving a copy on a flash drive, but you have enough space to back up EVERYTHING!!

P.S. Where did your Facebook go?