Monday, January 20, 2014

In Shining Armor

Wow...hi.  It's been over one whole year since I posted!  I have definitely done some crafty things since two Novembers ago, but I guess no crochet?  

Quick catch up:  last March my husband moved to Portland, Oregon, and I came a month later.  It has not been the easiest transition for me so I put blogging on the back-burner to prioritize figuring out my new city. 

Enough of that- CROCHET!  I got some metallic yarn, which I ADORE and made an easy circle scarf.    This is one of my favorite stitches, and with this yarn I think the effect is like knitted chainmail.  Basic pattern and materials below the photos. 

Sorry for the iPhone pics.  I think I need to redesign this blog and get better with my photo editing!

(Not pictured: sweatpants)

(The blurry details)

 (Inspiration via StyleTrove)

Yarn: Patons Metallic in Pewter
Hook Size: H8/5.00MM
Darning Needle

Pattern overview:
This pattern is done in rounds to form a big tube and then sewed together.
Ch to desired thickness (remember it's a tube so you will want to double!).  I think I did like 55 or something?  Sl st to join.
First row: hdc around.
All subsequent rows: hdc in the back of the bottom loop - imagine blo, but going behind the bl to the next loop.  Is this a real stitch?  I have no idea, but I love the effect - kind of like bpdc, but easier, I think.  And less thick.
No slst after each row- just keep going around and around.  Once your scarf is long enough, stitch it together so it's like an inner tube!

I am also making a hat/turban thing with this yarn so hopefully I can have a really nice photo post soon.  Happy 2014!!!


Molly said...

I just used this type of stitch in a basket I made. It was used to transition between the base and the sides. It makes a much more defined bend/crease than just stitching in the back loop. I haven't seen it used in a scarf. Nice effect. I was just thinking about using it in slippers to go from the sole to the sides.

Katiebeans said...

That's cool! That is a great idea for making angles.

Pam Selle said...

Hey, if you're back around these parts ... could you clarify the abbreviations in the crochet pattern?

Pam Selle said...

(Subscribing to comments)

Katiebeans said...

Hi Pam,

Here you go - let me know if you have more questions:

ch = chain
slst = slipstitch
hdc = half double crochet
blo = back loop only
bpdc = backpost double crochet

I believe these are pretty standard crochet abbreviations, but let me know!

Pam Selle said...

Thanks! I wanted to ask since I was confused by this pattern I was trying the other day: I didn't understand "dch back on the outside loop of the first row of dc" (the outside loop part) so thought it'd be good to ask for your abbreviations :) (I'll have to look up the "back loop" stuff ...)