Friday, June 26, 2009

Inspiration: Color

I know, I know, blog has been a bit bloring lately. I am finishing up an adorable hat for a little new boy who has just arrived on this earth, and I want it to be perfect!

Until then, enjoy some more boredom. I was waiting for the subway, and I saw this awesome green/blue painted pole that was chipping, and under was some awesome rust-colored, pinkish red. There was even a little bit of another layer of yellow. I took this pic with my incredibly old phone (the other night it "won" as the oldest and most out-of-date phone at a party), so the color is not as beautiful as it was in real life. If you haven't noticed from a number of posts, color blue.
I normally make things of this color monochromatic, but I am digging the pinky, rusty red.

Also, mejorly craving a yellow, maybe multi colored, slouchy beanie, even if it is just now finally becoming warm outside!

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