Thursday, June 18, 2009

Inspiration: Bag

Hello! Stars are aligning, and the crochet gods are sending me signals. I think I am supposed to make some crocheted bags, Field of Dreams-style.

First, I saw that taterly cute clutch at Urban Outfitters that I first blogged about here.

Then, today I was browsing ModCloth, and I saw this bad boy:
Today I was also reading WhatIWore, and I happened upon a post about Le Quaintrelle, who I know of from Weardrobe. She is making reusable crochet sacks from old plastic bags. Rad! Click on the pic for her post.

These bags got me thinkin about a crocheted handbag I bought over 12 years ago, before crochet was even a twinkle in my eye. Bought in a vintage store in Mechanicsburg, PA, this handbag is one of a gaggle of vintage handbags I own. I could easily make this since it is rounds of sc. It looks like it is made from rags even, or T-shirt material. I did once attempt a crocheted handbag like this. It was one of the 2nd or 3rd items I ever made, and it was 2 squares sewn together, based on the only pattern I knew, mentioned in this post here. I gave it to Kelley, and I don't blame her if she never used it. It was Teabeans crochet in its infancy.
In winter we had a Hat Fest. In summer, will we have a bag fest?!

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