Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dad Dad Daddy-O Blanket

When I started college in 2000, I met a girl who taught me how to crochet square blankets. She showed me how to crochet hdch clusters in rounds and how to change colors. I made an incredible black and red blanket that started with 7 rows of black, then 1 row of red, then 6 rows of black, 2 rows of red, 5 rows of black, and so on in that fashion. The blanket ended up to be about 6 sq ft or more, and it was super awesome. Unfortunately, I gave it away; and I will never see it again or have a picture of it. It's kind of like the big legendary fish that got away but is still discussed by old fishermen at the bar and when they buy their bait at the bait shop. Or wherever they might buy their bait. Well the fish blanket legend lives on in the Dad Dad Daddy-O Blanket. Crocheted exactly as the original fish blanket, Dad Dad Daddy-O currently resides in a closet in Pittsburgh, a testament to why you don't crochet elaborate gifts for people who don't ask for them.Side note, I am using a version of Microsoft borrowed from a friend since my computer crashed, and apparently if you don't/can't register it, the software loses many of its applications. I am worried my Microsoft Office Picture Manager will give out and a friend recommended Picnik. Honestly, check it out. It is amazing.

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