Monday, January 12, 2009

Reversable Sweater Dress/Hat

Believe it or not: this hat also turns into a sweater. Technically, yes. It's name postmortem, Sweater Dress/Hat was just a normal brimmed cabbie hat until I pulled it apart to make a sweater dress (soon to be featured on TeaBeans). But its legend lives on in pictures, and here they are for your viewing eyeballs:The pictures are dark, but you can get the idea. Sweater Dress/Hat is a big beret with a brim. Evidently I misjudged the gauge because this hat turned out WAY bigger than the picture. (I think I pulled a pattern from, but I can't remember.) At any rate, it was a pretty cool hat with a ribbing pattern (blo-style), but it was just too big and heavy. The hat is still stylin though. It did looked very much like hats featured in Urban Outfitters and Free People. See for yourself:

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