Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowy Day Sweater Dress

Hi everybody! Snow is the theme for blog nobbing these past days! I finally finished the sweater dress I have been dreaming of for a year now. It is called Snowy Day. The first sweater dress I made took a mazillion years. After hat fest 2008, I saw how quickly I could make stuff with big puffy yarn and thought it would be perfect for my dream sweater dress.
I started crocheting in rounds from the neck down using the original pattern I had used for Sunday in Greenwich. I found a square pattern for the chest, and I switched to sc for the mid section. The top part of the dress is made with dc-ch in rounds, and the sleeves are sc in rounds. I sewed in a working button on the back, which I think adds an extra charming touch. I finished with a shell stitch I learned from Crochet magazine. The shell stitch is dc-sc in one stitch around, turn, and dc-sc the other way. After a LOT of measuring, trying on, and pulling stitches out, I finally have an adorable and super warm sweater dress! I ended with a green color from my Mossy Beret, and I may still add pockets to match.

This is the first project I have tried to work out gauges for because I was so mad that the first version didn't work out. The gauges worked great, but as usual, I have not written anything down. Katiebeans's collection remains a mystery.

The first time I wore this dress was to see Wicked on Broadway. The bathroom attendent complimented me while I was in line, saying my dress was so cute. She was blown away when I told her I made it. Needless to say...I was PSYCHED!!!

Postscript: I wanted to make a sweater dress that was both fashionable and unique. Here is an example of a sweater dress sold at Urban Outfitters:

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Roses said...

Yours is better than the "Sunday in Greenwich" pics.

I am Greenwich envy!