Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Flappy, Flap Happy

Going on a beach trip! Bought a new coat for my February beach trip, and I needed a hat to go with it since the hood kept blowing down. What good is a hood in the blustery cold if it's just goin blow off? Riddle me that, Mr. Coat. Riddle me that.

Katiebeans in her new coat and hat:I'll call it the Flap Happy Hat. It's a flappin shame I like the Redd Up Yer Head hat better, and I'll probably be wearing that to the beach now. Well, you win some; you lose some. And when you read my blog, you always win an eye-full of of crocheted crap awesomeness.

This sweet mama was crocheted up during The Return of the King with an 8.00mm hook and some thick fuzzy yarn. I started--as with the Redd Up and Lady Jadie--3dch clusters in increases. When I reached the end of the increases, I switched to switching vertically and in hdc ribbing. If anyone out there is really interested in my patterns, I can probably try to write any of them down. Most of the time I make it up as I go and instantaneously forget what I did or how many stitches it took or whether I used a chsp or not. Anyways, this hat is a little tighter than I would have liked and not really my style right now, but still kinda cool.

All this yarn is costing me an arm and a leg, which I guess is okay because all I have made recently are hats... hats to keep my head warm after I am all out arms and legs.

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