Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Oh I know I know I know... it's a craft and crochet blog, and here I am blogging about my vacation! Just wanted to remind you that I love your readership with a lil post. I have nothing else to show you since I was bursting with sunshine all last week!

I am currently still planning on completing my sunhat and working on a couple new fall projects (baby diapers! hoodies!). So many ideas, so little time.

Clockwise from top left: In shades at Candy Kitchen, On the bay, cheese fries at Dumser's, eating bait on a boat in the bay, on a canon in Gettysburg, under pool water, riding waves, camping, beach smooch, catching fishies, radness under water, biking, moon rise, fisherman, shades, playing in the waves.
Center: Sunset on the bay.

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Molly Proxy said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Come to SD! Also, saw a dress yesterday that I thought you could make (and do a better job). I shoulda taken a pic of it.