Friday, February 4, 2011

Crochet Projects

Note to self.  Projects on my mind:
- Finish grey beanie for Marty I started in CA
- Matching headband/ear warmer for infinity scarf
- Bathing suit
- Floves for Molly
- Copy that giant beanie (navy blue/olive green) I keep seeing around my office/Duane Reade
- Another brimmed hat
- Net-type infinity scarf like I saw at Urban

Also, note to all:
I am learning to knit at the end of the month!  Ah - I know!!! Who am I?  How dare I?  Knitting is soo for chumps.  Or as Olek would say, knitting is for... nevermind.  I KID I KID.  I have many friends who knit, and now I will be one of those.  I think it will take my crochet projects to the next level (DORK!).


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