Sunday, February 27, 2011

Knitting and Other Notes

Hi Sunday, funday!  This weekend's craftstravaganza is best recapped in pictures.  Enjoy!

Mister donned an old failed crochet beanie.
I re-learned how to knit, courtesy Brooke.
I practiced some new knit stitches.  
I think this one has a real name, but it's just 1 row knit, 1 row purl.
Uneven-ness makes me embarrassed.  Must practice!
I attempted to teach Brooke, Christine, and Ingrid how to crochet.
I forgot how hard it is at first!
Finally, this might be the last you see of my long hair.  
I decided I am going to call up my girl to get a chop tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a fun weekend!  I got to see my girl Monica, and go for some running in gorgeous weather.  Also got some brunch and did a little wedding planning.  Eeeee!!! 


Brooke said...

With better yarn, I feel I'm getting the hang of crochet. I will master it yet!

Kristin said...

Mr. in hat = perfection
Knitting & crocheting fun = wish I could have been there!


Katiebeans said...

aaaa we wish you were there too!!!