Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pom Pom Beret Crochet Hat

Hellooo there!  I can't believe I have something to show you tonight.  I literally spent an entire craft day with Brooke working on hats with this yarn and created nothing.  Zip.  The yarn seemed easy, but it is so bulky, and nothing was working out as I pictured.  Therefore, I was shocked to bang out this hat in less than three hours tonight.  Inspiration struck in the form of some girl I see walking around near my office.  Better pictures to come once I weave in the ends and clean up the pom pom.  Pattern & initial pics below.
Makin' hats out of other hats:
 Hat head:
Flat hat:

Mister grabbing some yarn:

- Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease (Grey Marble & Blue-?)
- 8.00MM/L Hook
This is not really a beginner pattern so I am using a lot of short hand.  Let me know if you have any questions!
- Adjustable loop
- R1: 12 dch
- R2: fpdch-dch in between dch around (24)
- Continue rows with fpdch and increase evenly by adding in dch until you have 64 fpdch
- I switched colors here
- 2fpdch-1bpdch around until hat reaches desired length
-Add in a couple rows of a new color if you like
- *2fpdch-1bpdch-2fpdch-1bpdch-2fpdch tog-1bpcdch* around (48)
- hdch in blo around (48)
- 1 fpsch- 1 bpsch around (48)
- Add a pom pom on top!


Roufie said...

Hi there !
Thank you for sharing your pattern, I've been searching the web for a hat just like that. I am having a little trouble with the pattern and I hope you'd help me decipher it :-) I am not familiar with the abbreviation "dch" do you mean "dc" as in double crochet or double crochet and chain 1? Thanks in advance for your help.

Cadet Freddy Robinson said...

Hi Katie,
I love that Hat by the way :)
It turns out i wear Knitted Hats all the time as i live up in the Shetlands islands (near Scotland) and its freezing cold!
(Gotta keep that head warm!)
Im 22 and Male and funnily enough, i happen to prefer my Hats to have a PomPom on top anyway :)
Your pattern was useful :)
Im going to pass it on to my sister to make me one!
Thanks again

letsk2tog said...

Hi katie! I NEED help!

i love this pattern. however, in one hat.......I continued with Fpdch till the end of the hat!!!

Now, the edge of the hat curls up. I am not sure what to do. I am a knitter first...... and I am not able to figure out problems with crocheting yet.