Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Heart Crochet

Once upon a time, I posted things I hate about crochet. Today, on a positive quote note, I thought I would share with you why I love crochet! I love adorable accessories and clothing, and I love to have unique style. Crochet appeals to me because (a) I enjoy the challenge of making my ideas reality, and (b) ultimately I end up having something adorable and totally unique. I prefer to embellish on patterns (or create my own) because (a) usually I have to in order to get the desired finished product, and (b) then my project is entirely unique. Plus, crochet is less popular and trendy than knitting, and more challenging because there are less options for patterns.

I guess you could say I do not enjoy crocheting for the sake of crocheting. I don't feel relaxed or anything. In fact, I am a very impatient person, and often I feel quite anxious (knots & losing count and all that).

I wonder if anyone out there reading this loves crochet??? I would love to know if you do and why!

Photo courtesy Moline.


Molly Proxy said...

I love crochet because it delivers me pretty sweaters and leg warmers :)

Arwen said...

I love crochet because it makes you more unique!

I would also love for you to teach me crochet!

Anonymous said...

I love crochet because of the originality you can bring to the things you make .
check a few of mine out :) I am just getting started .


Corinne Elletson said...

I love to crochet - I find it quick and easy, and more flexible for patterns as apposed to knitting.

Roses said...

I find crocheting to be very relaxing. Very often, like you, I modify a pattern to look the way *I* want it to look, and in order to do that, I pull apart many projects and start over.

But, in how many real life situations can you totally undo something and start over without losing any resources besides time?

The only times I haven't really enjoyed crocheting is when I've promise someone something with a deadline.
"We're having a fund-raiser in two weeks! Can you whip together an afghan we can auction off?"
(I'm so stupid.)