Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zoidberg Sunday

Happy Sunday! I was watching the first Anthology of Interest last night during our cartoon bedtime stories, and I noticed a crossroads of two of my favorite things: yarn crafting and Zoidberg! In this scene, Leela has just killed some characters and she is trying to act normal. As she walks by, a knitting Zoidberg says, "Alright, so you're nonchalant, quit rubbing our noses in it!" After I searched for images of Zoidberg knitting online, I came across something even more awesome: CROCHETED ZOIDBERGS!! Even better, this was a post was in the Free People blog, and Free People is one of my favorite clothing stores. (You may remember in this post, I drew inspiration from a dress in a Free People catalog.)
This crocheted Zoidberg was inspired by a crocheted Zoidberg here on

I mean... can I meet you on the corner of Zoidberg & Crochet Street?! It's the nexus of things Katiebeans loves.

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Princess said...

Awesome! Its even better than the original.