Sunday, September 20, 2009

Four-wheelers. Floves.

Just wanted to share with you some TeaBeans in action! One of the very first projects I ever tried to make besides a blanket were these floves! While they didn't show up in TeaBeans until early 2008, they were conceived and begun in 2007. I still love them, and they still fit great! Pink & orange is a killer colorway don't you think?

This weekend I celebrated three years of dating Iron Martin with ATV four-wheeling and beer tasting in the Poconos! Above is a pic of me giving the thumbs up on my four-wheeler and below are a couple close-ups of me grippin the handlebars.
Just finished another awesome hat tonight, and many more hats on the way! Plus the cardigan is still trucking along! Hooray for fall & crochet projects! I hope you had a great weekend. Did everyone enjoy the amazing weather??

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