Friday, July 31, 2009

Off to the Beach!

Today I am on my way to the beach! I am going to have my blog auto-post while I am out so you have something to read. I have quite a few little crafty projects I have made for Iron Martin over the years, and I am going to blogging a bit about those. I have just now realized how many of them are ocean & beach-themed! Totally unintentional; I just love sea creatures! Here is a prime example:I made this kissy fish collage for Iron Martin when he had knee surgery. It is water color, stickers, and cut pieces of magazines/fabric/other cr*p on a piece of watercolor paper. Side note: I used the Picnik Polaroid affect here to make the picture look nicer.

I hope you enjoy my week at the beach! I know I will!!!! But for a different reason, I am sure.


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Anonymous said...

These are all so cute?! Who knew you were so artsy ;)