Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Clutch Formerly Known as Dress

...And currently known as Trash.

I came up with what I thought was a stroke of pure genius: take a dress out of my Salvation Army bag, cut it into pieces, and crochet it into an amazing clutch, like the ones I have blogged about here and here.

Here is the story of this failed experiment in pictures..

I cut the dress up in a continuous ribbon; and when that was too thick, I cut the long ribbon down the center.

Mr. Kitten wanted in on the action.

First, I tried several times to crochet the clutch in rounds, like the purse I have mentioned here.

The rounds weren't working. The ribbons were fraying and tearing apart. I tried to crochet in rows, and it just looked terrible.

This did NOT work out like I had envisioned. I ended up finishing two very small sides of a rectangular clutch. I had run out of ribbon, and it was all fraying anyways. It really just looked like trash, and so that's where it is. It was a pretty enough dress, and I kind of wish it had ended up at Salvation Army. I guess you will never know how something will work until you try it out! Next time, I will try tshirt material or something.

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Rose Red said...

That has happened to me so many times. You have a really great idea and then it turns out bad.