Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Raffia Sunhat: Part 1

Please enjoy the fruits of my labors from last night. Here is the beginning of my raffia sunhat.

Here is the outside of the top. Lookin' nice,eh? Here is the underneath part. Who knew raffia comes in individual strands?! Oh, I guess I shoulda paid attention to the brochure last night, the part where it said raffia was FRONDS of PALM. I mean, I had to tie fronds together every 8 stitches. What the frond is up with that?!

Yeaaah. The perfect hat. Thanks for showing us how to wear it, Iron Martin.
Looks like I have quite a bit of cleaning up to do on the stray strands of palm frond front. Yeah, that sentence was jumbling my brain even as I thought it and tried to type it. I am too sleepy to work on this tonight, but it's actually coming along much better than I expected! The fronds don't tear and tie really tightly. Plus they smell really, really good! Nothing like the beauteous aroma of Raffia palm frond, eh?

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