Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You're Just A Monkey in a Monkey Suit

A good friend of mine from college has just welcomed her first nephew into the world, and she requested that my blog make something for him. Yay!

I thought nothing could be cuter for a newbie than a monkey hat. There are plenty of those on the Internet if you do an image search, but I wanted to make up my own pattern. I decided to use the yarn and colors that I used for the owl hat I made for myself since I thought that came out perfect. I have only ever made one hat for a child, and that hat fit my newborn niece for about one day. Literally, I gave it to her a few weeks after her birth, and it barely fit. See pics here. In order to prevent that from happening again, I used this hat size chart to estimate the circumference of a hat for a baby age 6 - 12 months. Plus, by the time he is wearing it, it should be wintery out. I used one of the beanies I made for Iron Martin to figure out the ratio of circumference to length. It is hard to envision what the hat will look like on a baby so I just hope hope hope it looks good! Here is a pic of my stuffed monkey modelling the Monkey Hat.

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