Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog Love, Cat Love

Please allow me to deviate from my normal blog nob fare of craft crochet thingies to tell you about KittyKind (and also my cats).  So we adopted Mister a few years ago after we moved into the Crooked Nook.  Marty was working late nights, and I wanted a buddy around.  
Anyways, it was fine until Marty got normal hours, and then Mister started to seem to be more like purring furniture than a lively pet.  He doesn't care for playing so for the 3 hours at night we were home, he pretty much continued to lay around until bed time.  What a sad existence!  

Anyways, we were very blessed to have such a sweet cat.  Neither of us were cat people AT ALL, but in NYC it's hard to have a dog if you have a busy lifestyle and a small apartment.  Every single human who has met Mister has fallen in love with him.  He is not shy and will work his way onto anyone's lap for a purr session.  In fact, at KittyKind his listing said: "100% chance showers."  KittyKind is a no-kill shelter. It's so hard to believe, but Mister was actually returned once because he was TOO snuggly. I am not even joking.

Sooo we were both very skeptical about adopting another cat.  We had a good thing going with Mister:  he is so sweet and completely non-destructive.  One night I was volunteering at KittyKind, and I mentioned fostering a kitten.  Five days later we had a munchkin.  Things were rocky for less than a month, with Mister hissing & sometimes attacking Topher.  Now, Topher is just as much a snuggler as Mister (slightly more shy), and Marty adopted him a month later:
The two boys (Mister & Topher!) play several times daily, which just makes my heart so happy!  Here is a video, but I am dying to get a good one of them romping around & chasing each other!!

Anyways, the moral of the story is:  if you live in NY, you should consider adopting from KittyKind!  And if you don't, you should consider adopting your cat and supporting no-kill shelters.  Here is Topher's success story on the KittyKind blog.


mfranti said...


Lovey kitties are the best, aren't they? And your kitties are super cute! I've been a bit envious of them since I started reading your blog.

I lost my kitteh, Gary, two weeks ago. She got into something outside and we didn't find out about it until we got home from Wisconsin. She died a few hours after our arrival.

Sorry to be a downer...but I'm feeling a little blue after reading this post.

But...It makes me happy when bipeds take in furry friends and love Love LOVE them!

I've been a doggy foster momma for years. I help dogs learn a few manners so they can find their forever home.

In Dec.,I finally gave in and added a second pooch to our family roster (there's a recent post on my linked blog if you want to see pics of her).

Thanks for sharing!

Katiebeans said...

Ohhh you are so lucky you can have dogs!! Your new one is ADORBS!! That is awesome that you foster too.

So sorry to hear about your cat - that is sooo sad. Horrifying, actually. I am so sorry!!

Anonymous said...

I love these cats almost as much as I love you. They are the best.
xoxoxoxoxo (your favorite type of signature), Mindy