Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eternity and a Day Scarf: Part Deux

One time recently my sister mentioned that she liked my Eternity and a Day Scarf.   Hopefully she wasn't lying because I decided to make her one for Christmas to go with the floves she asked for.  Welllllllll.... this scarf takes forever to make.  I thought maybe the first time it was just because of the yarn I was using, but nope.  So it didn't make it on time for Christmas, but here it is now!  Molly, if you are reading this: the scarf is in the mail!

Pics & pattern below.

To download the full (FREE!) pattern - click here!


Anonymous said...

Wow,I love this scarf! You are super talented Teabeans! Honored to be a blog follower (5 times over).
~Number One Blog Viewer in Carlisle, PA

Tatum Bohls said...

Hi there!! I am in love with this eternity scarf and the gloves your sister modeled that goes with the scarf. I tried to download the pattern, but cannot download it! Any chance you could email it to me? Sorry to bother you! Thank you for the beautiful design!