Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rag Chevron Throw

"Trust me, man, I been a lot of hats." -  Sincerely, Rag Chevron Throw

Haha did you ever see the movie My Idiot Brother?  The movie is whatever, but it was 100% worth it for one of the final scenes - watch here.

So with that as an intro.... after so many years of crocheting, I have amassed a bunch of leftover scraps of yarn (some still in half-hat form).  I have been meaning to use my random yarns to make an awesome rag blanket so they stop taking up space.  I have also been meaning to make a chevron stitch pillow.  Then one day I saw this Neat Ripple pattern on Ravelry, and decided it was perfect to make an awesome chevron stitch blanket for Marty.  Woot!

I really only looked at how she did the chevron stitch so I can't say that I truly followed the pattern.  See more details below for how I modified the pattern.
I used hook size K10/6.5MM.  I repeated colors, but not in consecutive rows.  I tied new yarn in at the end of a row.  I finished the raggedy edges by knotting over again, and then I trimmed each string to 3 inches.  At the end of each string itself, I tied a knot to avoid fraying.  I had a bunch of thick blue yarn I knew I would never use for anything else, so I tried to use that as a unifying color.  I was skeptical of using my sparkly holiday yarn, but I think it really looks awesome.  I also love the hot pink acrylic row.  So rad.

Marty loves his blanket!  The whole time I worked on it he kept saying how awesome it was, and he has even asked for a chevron stitch hat.  Yey! 


Roses said...

Here's another idea of what to make with scrap yarn:
(cat not required)

It's all single crochet. Simply drop and add yarns partway across the row as desired. When you turn, pick up and drop as you get to color changes. When a yarn runs out, attach a new one and continue.

Does that make sense?

Katiebeans said...

Cool!! Thanks!!! I was thinking of doing a granny square style blanket - still have a ton of leftover yarn. It never ends!

Rachel M said...

Great blanket! I have plans to do a vintage granny square afghan with my ends. Have a good start for all the colors now :)

Roses said...

Granny squares are good for using up scraps. I hate weaving in ends, though. And I tend to have even more (and even smaller) scraps after making a granny square. :-P